Stormwater & Floodplain Management
Hey and Associates, Inc. is a regional leader in water resources engineering. Our staff of experienced engineers is trained in traditional civil engineering, environmental, and water resources engineering. Hey has been an active participant in the development of stormwater management policy since the inception of these programs in the upper Midwest. We continue to be among the leaders in advancing stormwater management design, floodplain management, and green infrastructure. Our clients include a wide array of public and private sector clients.

Civil Engineering
Hey and Associates focuses on providing civil engineering services for public sector clientele. We have experience in designing stormwater management and flood control projects, green infrastructure, streambank and shoreline projects, conveyance improvements, sanitary sewers, potable water, paving and grading improvements and major hydraulic structures. Our engineers also perform review engineering services for a number of municipal clients.

Ecological Restoration & Management
Hey and Associates offers full-service professional ecological services and natural resource management. Our ecologists continually strive to be at the forefront of ecological restoration principles in order to deliver superior results. We work closely with our clients to identify restoration goals, and then tailor restoration plans to meet specific site opportunities, constraints, budgets and schedules.

Landscape Architecture
Hey and Associates provides landscape architectural planning and design services for projects of any scale. Our landscape architects collaborate with our staff engineers and environmental scientists, bringing the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to projects. We address our clients’ diverse needs throughout the analysis, planning, design, implementation, and maintenance stages of each project to create unique and consistently successful design solutions that are comprehensive, cost effective, and environmentally sound.

Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
Our SESC professionals offer a full suite of soil erosion and sediment control services. Our staff will prepare or review Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, perform field inspections as required weekly and after significant rainfall events, prepare authorization and compliance documentation, and provide special consultation for projects with challenging soil erosion of sediment control issues.

Sustainable Planning & Design
Hey and Associates provides sustainable planning and design services for projects of any scale. Our multi-disciplinary staff of landscape architects, environmental scientists, and engineers create sustainable solutions by incorporating the social, economic, and environmental needs of communities into the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance stages of projects.

Water Quality Planning
Our staff of planners, scientists, and engineers collaborates to analyze water resource problems and identify solutions that enhance water quality and the ecologic health of our lakes, streams and groundwater. Hey and Associates has assisted numerous municipal governments, watershed groups, and other organizations in the successful pursuit of grant opportunities, preparation of Watershed Based Plans, planning and execution of water quality monitoring, and the design and construction of water quality improvement projects.

Lake Management
Hey and Associates has assisted dozens of lake management districts, homeowners associations, park districts, and other organizations in planning and executing lake management projects. We have years of experience in developing a wide range of plans for aquatic plant management, lake restoration, lake protection, and watershed management.

Wetland Delineation & Permitting
Our highly experienced ecological staff are widely recognized as experts in wetland resource issues. We work extensively with the Corps of Engineers and county or municipal stormwater management programs to navigate the complicated route of federal, state, and local regulations and permits.

Wetland Mitigation Design & Implementation
Hey and Associates has completed hundreds of wetland mitigation projects ranging from just a few to several hundred acres in size. Our multi-disciplinary staff members collaborate during planning and design to create cost effective and achievable projects. Our ecological restoration staff has the field experience and expertise to implement, monitor, and manage all types of wetland mitigation projects.

Drain Tile Services
Hey and Associates is a regional leader in subsurface drainage evaluation, planning, mapping and design. Most local ordinances now require existing agricultural and storm drainage systems to be located and documented prior to new development. Our staff experts will assist you in developing a thorough understanding of existing underground drainage networks which is essential for proposed projects that must avoid or accommodate these systems.

Professional Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Professional Land Survey for Wisconsin projects are offered out of our Illinois offices only.

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