Village of Mount Pleasant
Hoods Creek Improvements Phase 1

  • Scope:
    Planning Report, Stream Assessment, Recreational Planning, and Regional Stormwater Design
  • Location:
    Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

Hey and Associates, Inc. (Hey) was contracted by the Village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin to perform a planning level assessment of the portion of Hoods Creek located within the Village. Hey recovered and evaluated available data, and performed a full stream reconnaissance and assessment. Hey utilized this assessment to identify preliminary phased improvements projects along the river.  The projects focus on a variety of factors critical to the Village. These include floodplain management, stormwater management, wetlands restoration and creation, overall drainage improvements, stream restoration, and enhanced recreational opportunities including a regional trail. Hey presented the report and findings to the Village Stormwater Commission in 2016, and the report was adopted by the Village.

Following adoption of the Hoods Creek Improvements Plan, Hey worked with the Village to prioritize a regional stormwater management project along approximately two miles of the creek within existing Village tax districts along the I-94 corridor.  A preliminary plan including water quality and detention basins, stream restoration, maintenance access, ecologic and habitat restoration, and a trail corridor was prepared and recommended for advancement by the Village Stormwater Utility Commission.

Hey is currently preparing design and permit documents for Phase 1 of the project, which is an approximately one mile portion of the corridor located south of US Route 20. Design includes floodplain and water quality modeling to ensure Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources stormwater and floodplain standards can be met.  The project will create more than 150 acre-feet of storage in an approximately 350 foot wide corridor along the creek. The project is planned to begin construction in late 2018.


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