Resilient Corridor Projects

  • Scope:
    Stormwater & Floodplain Management, Civil Engineering Design, Landscape Architecture, and Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Location:
    Chicago, Illinois

Hey and Associates, Inc.  was part of a team of consultants selected by the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development to prepare final engineering design plans for green infrastructure lot redevelopment in two of the cities west side neighborhoods. The design of ten lots along three commercial corridors is characterized by street-facing public spaces with interspersed plazas, pocket parks, and community gardens. Green infrastructure including rain gardens and permeable pavement was also prominently featured. Each lot was designed with a community partner and will feature amenities that support local programming and neighborhood development.

Extensive coordination was required during project design. Remediation of contaminated soils had to be coordinated with IL EPA. The local alderman and resident groups strongly supported this project to remove urban blight and develop an open space that could be used by the community. Coordination with other agencies including the Chicago Department of Transportation, Chicago Department of Fleet and Facility Management, and Chicago Department of Water Management.

This is considered a pilot project for the department of planning that aims to activate blighted corridors in underserved neighborhoods and use green infrastructure to reduce the risk of basement backups. The innovate designs capture stormwater from the city right-of-way and convey it into the lots to be stored before slowly releasing it back into the city sewer system. Stormwater monitoring equipment is being installed on three of the sites with a cloud based data management system This data will allow the departments of planning and water management to see the benefits of the projects and plan similar projects in the future.


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