Niles Stormwater and Flood Control
Storage Basins

  • Scope:
    Planning, design and construction of stormwater storage basins
  • Location:
    Niles, Illinois

Hey and Associates, Inc. prepared a Stormwater Master Plan, adopted by the Village in June 2012 as the Village of Niles Stormwater Relief Program.  The capital improvement program included over $30M of recommended improvements.  Hey and Associates then completed engineering for the two highest priority storage basin projects. Engineering services included survey, concept design verification and refinement, coordination with affected property owners, permitting coordination, preparation of engineering plans and specifications, preparation of opinion of probable cost, and public meetings.

The Maryhill Cemetery Storage Basin Project utilized a combination of improved sewers and a new detention basin to relieve overland flooding and detain runoff prior to entering the downstream combined sewer system. The Our Lady of Ransom Storage Basin Project Relief included new storm sewers to direct flow to a detention basin to relieve surface flooding that has historically damaged nearby homes.

The stormwater storage basins have received two significant awards:

  • 2015 ACEC Special Achievement Award for the innovative implementation and collaboration efforts
  • 2015 ASCE Illinois Section Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement under $10 million.


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