Village of Niles
Stormwater Master Planning

  • Scope:
    Stormwater Master Planning
  • Location:
    Niles, Illinois

in June 2012 as the Village of Niles Stormwater Relief Program.  The preparation of the Master Plan involved advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, evaluation and diagnosis of drainage problems, preparation of recommended solutions, and new cost share programs and stormwater management regulations. The capital improvement program included over $30M of improvements .

Hey modeled the Village using XPSWMM 2D which uses the standard SWMM engine for modeling sewer flows, while making use of a digital elevation model (DEM) prepared from Cook County GIS data to represent overland flowpaths in two dimensions to simulate overland flooding.  The model was used to analyze existing system performance and to develop proposed improvements.

The proposed stormwater program included recommendations for a Regulatory Program, Maintenance, Cost Share, and Capital Improvements.  Since adoption of the Stormwater Management Plan, Hey has continued to assist the Village to implement the program through additional work, including:

  • Completed preliminary and final engineering for Tier 1 projects. These projects received awards from Illinois ASCE and Illinois ACEC.
  • Assisted with implementation of residential cost sharing programs including residential site visits and property assessments
  • Smoke testing of sanitary sewers
  • Wrote municipal stormwater management ordinance and serve as review engineer for commercial developments
  • Designed green infrastructure improvement projects and assisted in securing grants for construction
  • Assisted the Village in securing over $2 million in grant funding
  • Assisted the Village in applying for and receiving Illinois SRF loan
  • In 2017, completing a 5-year update to the 2012 Stormwater Management
    Master Plan


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