GIS-Based Stormwater
Management Planning

  • Scope:
    GIS-based stormwater planning for communities
  • Location:
    Northeastern Illinois

Hey and Associates, Inc. assisted the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) to develop a GIS-based flood risk analysis tool to identify areas with a high potential for urban flooding based on a variety of input datasets.  Hey assisted CMAP by identifying and selecting relevant data needs, developing and fine-tuning risk identification and hierarchy, and providing input for assessment of potential problem areas and causes of flooding.  Hey also used its experience with overland flowpath modeling to guide CMAP on ways to improve and assess the flowpath dataset.

CMAP tested the procedures on three pilot communities to have the resulting information be incorporated into updated Comprehensive Plans.  This information would further guide the community on development and redevelopment opportunities to help alleviate and/or mitigate future flood risks.  Hey assisted CMAP in reviewing and assessing existing datasets for incorporation into the GIS tools.  Following the initial analysis for each community, Hey and CMAP worked through the risk factors to further refine how input data is evaluated to develop a risk hierarchy throughout the community.

The resulting efforts including heat mapping of flood risk, overland flooding maps, catchment risk analysis, and identification of land use opportunities for flood risk reduction will provide a useful tool for other communities during comprehensive planning.


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